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Surprise: Nook selling better than Kindle

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The Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader shipped more than Amazon’s Kindle in March, DigiTimes Research claims in a new study.

According to DigiTimes, it consulted “suppliers” of the e-readers to determine how many units shipped. Based on that information, the researchers found that the Nook “accounted for 53 percent of e-book readers shipped to U.S.

Source: http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20100426VL204.html...

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Amazon sells Asus netbooks with pre-installed Kindle-on-PC.

Amazon and Asus have signed a partnership, some Asus netbooks, listed on Amazon.com would be selled with pre-installed Kindle-on-PC. Kindle-on-PC is the windows version of Amazon e-reader software. Here is an example of ans Asus Netbook with pre-installed Kindle-on-PC

Kindle For Android Due For This Summer

Amazon has announced tonight that Kindle for Android will available in the coming weeks. For now, they have this landing page to tell you a bit more. The big news: you’ll be able to buy books right from Android devices.

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